This library contains icons that you can download and use on your computer.  PLEASE do not copy or distribute them as your own work, as they are the intellectual property of the designer.

If you would like to contribute your own icons to this library please attatch them to an e-mail, in .ZIP format, and send them to Paul Traver.  The icons can be zipped as individual icons, or as icon libraries, your choice.   Please Note: We will NOT use any icons that contain nudity, profanity, or excessive violence.

Qty. in Library Type of Icons in Library Designer Comments
15 LightHouse Icons Tony Meloche These are some very nice 256 color icons of various lighthouses.
41 Christmas Icons Tony Meloche A nice assortment of holiday icons for the Christmas season (256 color).
15 Austin Powers Oliver Palmer Web Site:  The site also has a few animated cursors.
84 Object Icons Icon News Web Site:  This site has a lot of icons, most are only 16 color though.  This site has cursors too.
38 Space Icons Tim Anstine Web Site:  This site has a lot of cartoon icons.  A must see if your into cartoon icons! (256 color)

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