EasyIcons 98 will allow you to manage your icons by creating and maintaining icon libraries.  Extract icons from other .exe or .dll type files and edit the icons and put them back into the same file or save them in a library, or as an individual .ico(icon) or .bmp(bitmap) file.  If you use IconEasel 98 as your editor, you can edit icons in any library, without extracting them first.  EasyIcons 98 will also compile several individual icons into a multi-image icon file.
Both EasyIcons 98 and IconEasel 98 are included in this download.  You may install either or both applications. Before downloading, please see the readme.txt.

This page updated on Aug. 2, 2002

Single Setup File:
Download site 1:  EasyIcons 98 w/ IconEasel 98 v6.2.9  -  2.14 MB

A CD-Rom ISO Image can be downloaded here easyapps.iso.zip ,  if you wish to create an install CD-R. 7MB


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