IconEasel 98 is a complete Windows icon and cursor editor, including animated cursors, and it also sports all the standard drawing tools you'd expect in an editor, plus dithering tools, gamma adjustment, RGB adjustment, Gradient Fill, Text Tool, complete Rotation, and much more.  With support for icons ranging in size from 16x16 to 48x48 and colors from monochrome to 24 bit truecolor, this should fill your icon editing needs.

Want to create or edit animated cursors?  We've got you covered there, too.  IconEasel 98 will work seamlessly with EasyIcons 98 and allow you to edit icons in .exe and .dll files as well as edit icons in any libraries you create with EasyIcons 98.

Easily add and remove images from multi-image icons, as well as easily creating them.

Both IconEasel 98 and EasyIcons 98 are included in this download.  You may install either or both applications.  Before downloading, please see the readme.txt.
Single Setup File:
Download site 1:  IconEasel 98 w/ EasyIcons 98 v6.2.9  -  2.14 MB

A CD-Rom ISO Image can be downloaded here easyapps.iso.zip ,  if you wish to create an install CD-R 7MB.

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